Framework Engine: Your Site’s Central Nervous System

This API encapsulates the way in which framework loads and configures referenced APIs based on framework or developer defined settings from matching XML tags.

How does it work?

In order to promote reusability, engine is by default agnostic of XML file containing. To promote it performs no operations on the site, just exposes to skeleton a list of classes, all using Lucinda\Framework namespace, dedicated to load and configure Lucinda APIs based on developer-provided XML data in order to gain an ability for your application:

As one can see above, some are bound to MVC API that uses them because they are tied to its logic, while others allow being used by both STDOUT/STDERR MVC APIs so they are to be bound by skeleton instead.

Engine also allows skeleton or developers working on it to extend its functionality via following abstract classes:

How can I use it?

By installing Lucinda Framework, you already have this API! To learn how to use it, follow this step-by-step guide.