Logging API: Reporting Messages and Errors to Logs

This API is a very light weight logging system built on ideas of simplicity and flexibility, so it doesn't become in itself a major performance penalty (like Monolog, the industry standard in our days).

How does it work?

This API is nothing but a thin abstraction layer on top of native logging functions adding an ability to format logging messages. Performance penalties of using it are negligible (it is infinitely faster than monolog), but on the other hand it pays by being a lot less rich in features.

The architecture of LoggingAPI is as simple as having an abstract Logger class that implements blueprints specific to logging. Each of its methods corresponds to a syslog priority level and delegate actual logging to an abstract log() method classes must implement. Following Logger implementations are included in API:

All classes inside API belong to namespace Lucinda\Logging!

How can I use it?

To learn how to install and use this API, follow this step-by-step guide!