Lucinda: Fastest and Easiest PHP Framework

Lucinda is an artful ultra high performance, simple, and ever more popular PHP framework for developers with an aesthetic sense as well as clients who want blazing fast and easily maintainable applications. By having simplicity, flexibility and stability principles at its foundation, Lucinda fulfills its goals as a web application skeleton that benefits:

VERSION 3.0A completely new version which features PHP 7.1 code, compliance to composer autoload, 100% unit test coverage and fundamental architecture changes is already in complete and stable state. To learn more about it, please review GIT Documentation.
Current progress: adding flowcharts to APIs (ETA: 2020-05-31)
DEMOTo see a demo at work going through all of current framework features, go to while checking sources on [GitHub]! You can also use demo as a template project by following steps described in its file.

How fast is it?

Thanks to its high-performance design, it outperforms any other PHP framework not just in the artistic way it's done, but benchmarks as well, where it proves to be 45 times faster than Laravel, as seen in these ApacheBench tests:

aherne@aherne-System-Product-Name:~$ ab -n 100000 -c10 http://www.lucinda.local/test ... Requests per second: 10554.19 [#/sec] (mean) ...

aherne@aherne-System-Product-Name:~$ ab -n 100000 -c10 http://www.laravel.local/test ... Requests per second: 232.74 [#/sec] (mean) ...

For more info about results and how these tests were conducted, please review Benchmarks page.

How easy is it?

To illustrate how easy this PHP framework is, let us imagine you want to register a route called /hello-world, to be handled by controller HelloWorld that sends variable test with value OK to view helloWorld.html. This requires no more than three steps:

  1. open stdout.xml and register a route:
    <route url="hello-world" controller="HelloWorld" view="helloWorld"/>
  2. in application/controllers folder, create a file called HelloWorld.php with following code:
    class HelloWorld extends Lucinda\MVC\STDOUT\Controller { public function run() { $this->response->attributes("test", "OK"); } }
  3. in application/views folder, create a file called helloWorld.html with following code:
    Result is ${data.test}

This way when route /hello-world is called, framework will then answer with: Result is OK. To learn more how lightweight and user friendly this framework is, check Tutorials page.

Why is it so fast and easy?

Having scalability and efficiency at its foundation, framework itself is just a thin XML-based integration layer of independent APIs, each dedicated to an aspect of a web application logic and built in a way that makes them easy to be assembled or disassembled on demand:

How to install it?

To install this framework and build your project on its foundation, check Installation page or simply run these commands from console:

composer create-project lucinda/framework DOCUMENT_ROOT/SITE_NAME cd DOCUMENT_ROOT/SITE_NAME php configure.php project